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Welcome to Gislaved Gummi!

Gislaved Gummi is a part of HEXPOL AB, a world leading polymer group listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic stock exchange. HEXPOL is is organised in two business areas: HEXPOL Engineered Products and HEXPOL Compounding, and has more than 5,100 employees in fourteen countries. The headquarters is located in Malmö.

HEXPOL Engineered Products has three product areas: HEXPOL Gaskets, HEXPOL Profiles and HEXPOL Wheels.
HEXPOL Gaskets comprises three production facilities: Gislaved Gummi, Sweden, Gislaved Gummi, China and Gislaved Gummi, Sri Lanka. The product area conduct operations under the Gislaved Gummi brand. HEXPOL Profiles comprises one production facility: Gislaved Gummi, Sweden, and conduct operations under the Gislaved Gummi brand.

HEXPOL Compounding consists of two product areas, HEXPOL TPE Compounding and HEXPOL TP Compounding, and three geographic regions: HEXPOL Compounding NAFTA, HEXPOL Compounding Europe and HEXPOL Compounding Asia. HEXPOL Compounding comprises almost 45 production facilities worldwide, of which Gislaved Gummi, Sweden, is one.  

The organisation is structured to facilitate short and prompt decision-making processes. The operation structure is presented in the diagram below.