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Our developers are good listeners. Their job is to fully understand what you wish to achieve from your collaboration with Gislaved Gummi. The more we understand, the better we can meet your expectations. 


Gislaved Gummi has a long serving commitment to working with quality issues and quality control. Total quality shall permeate all our acting and quality shall in all respects be an imperative demand for everyone in the company.

Quality is the conclusive factor of success for Gislaved Gummi. We shall keep high service and delivery assurance and strive for an efficient use of resources. We shall control our activities according to the Zero defect principle in order to deliver products corresponding to the customer’s expectations and demands. This is achieved through continuous improvement efforts focused on customer needs and improved efficiency of our processes.

Engineer developing validating components

Our products are often components involved in our customers’ final products. Consequently our efforts are emphasized – at an early stage – in influencing the customer in order to reach the optimal score concerning function, quality and price.

The demands of the authorities (laws and regulations) must always be fulfilled.


As a global polymer specialist, Gislaved Gummi shall be among the leaders when it comes to environmental issues. We shall aim at an ecological sustainable development and thereby take responsibility for future environmental issues alongside with good financial operations.

Our Gaskets and Seals Contacts

Tony Hansson

Director Global Sales and Marketing

+46 (0)76 549 48 75

Stefan Rydh

Senior Advisor Global Sales and Marketing

+46 (0)70 268 48 48

Mirela Pracic

Sales Manager, Gaskets

+46 (0)76 047 79 23

Tom Chen

Sales Manager, Gaskets China

+86 138 639 33 652

Marija Ilisic

Customer Service, Gaskets

+46 (0)76 549 48 72

Norma Persson

Customer Service, Gaskets

+46 (0)76 549 48 86

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