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Know how, know why

HEXPOL is dedicated to the continual investment in our associates and their future. We have developed a consistent mentorship training platform to develop the skills of those that choose to get involved to grow themselves and pay it forward to others.

HEXPOL Compounding Americas views mentorship as the future of our organization because you grow an organization by growing its people. The best way to do this is by people developing people through a structured mentoring program utilizing our skilled associates with knowledge to share with those that are less experienced. This intentional process develops people faster through trusting relationships that promote the transferring of knowledge, character, skills and competency.

“I never expected becoming a mentor to be so rewarding. I have the opportunity to talk and listen to my coworkers, to build their trust, teach and help them to be safe at work. Being a mentor is a greater achievement than I expected.”

Mentorship training


Austin Rice

Austin Rice

Training Coordinator
+1 440 632 6160

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