Improving dispersion quality.


Single – and multiple-component dispersions designed to meet customer-specific compound requirements, providing an optimum balance of compatibility and dispersion to fit the application. Benefits:
  • Clean, easy handling solid form (slabs, strips, pellets, cubes)
  • Rapid incorporation during mixing
  • Flexible for custom requirements
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Mastermix Additive Systems

Mastermix is available in a wide variety of polymers, including EPR, EPDM, SBR, CR, MQ, NR, NBR, FKM, CPE and PVC. Mastermix dispersions are sold in cubes, slabs or weight-specified strips to provide maximum value.

Ideal for applications requiring critical dispersion quality, Mastermix PD pastes are available in commonly used process oils and plasticizers for rubber and plastics. Particle size, binder system, viscosity range and composition are formulated to fit the customer’s application.

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